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Our department leaders and staff are dedicated to keeping Park City Communities running efficiently and responsibly. We are committed to being professional, courteous and customer-focused. Please use the directory below to contact a PCC department director.

For general inquiries, please contact Park City Communities at:

203.337.8900 /

Park City Communities
150 Highland Ave.
Bridgeport, CT 06604


Office of Executor
  Chief Executive Officer   Executive Office Admin 
  Ms. Jillian Baldwin    Anahi Momplaisir
  150 Highland Ave    150 Highland Ave 
  Bridgeport, CT 06604   Bridgeport, CT 06604
  203-337-8900   (203) 337-8902 
Office of Finance
Chief Financial Officer/Deputy Director    
Alan Cashmore    
150 Highland Ave     
Bridgeport, CT 06604    
Office of Asset Management 
Chief of Asset Management    Portfolio Manager 
Diedra Perry    Erica Franks 
150 Highland Ave    150 Highland Ave 
Bridgeport, CT 06604   Bridgeport, CT 06604
(203)337-8912   (203)337-8907 
Office of Housing Choice Voucher

The Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV) provides "tenant-based" rental assistance, so a tenant can move from one unit of at least minimum housing quality to another.  HCV authorizes the payment of rental housing assistance to private landlords on behalf the low-income household.

HCV also authorizes a variety of "project-based" rental assistance programs, under which the owner reserves some or all of the units in a building for low-income tenants, in return for a Federal government guarantee to make up the difference between the tenant's contribution and the rent in the owner's contract with the government. A tenant who leaves a subsidized project will lose access to the project-based subsidy.

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development and the United States Department of Veterans Affairs have created a program called VASH (Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing), or HUD-VASH, which distributes Vouchers to eligible homeless and otherwise vulnerable U.S. armed forces veterans. This program was created to pair HUD-funded vouchers with VA-funded services such as health care, counseling, and case management.

150 Highland Ave 
Bridgeport, CT 06604
Office of Procurement

The Housing Authority of the City of Bridgeport (HACB) d/b/a Park City Communities (PCC) is a Public Housing Agency responsible for providing affordable, safe and well-maintained housing to low-income individuals, families, the elderly, and the disable. To accomplish this PCC contracts out specific types of construction and/or services either directly or through subcontractors. By soliciting for the services through invitations to bids or request for proposals.

The Authority is always looking for qualified vendors, firms, contractors, and sub-contractors of all trades to provide an array of General Construction and Services to include, but not be limited to: unit interior renovation, exterior repair work, carpentry and finish work, mechanical and plumbing work, electrical work (interior and exterior), interior and exterior painting, hazardous materials, system controls, exterior façade, waterproofing and roofing work, exterior civil/site work, including excavation, testing procedures/probes, tree trimming and removal, landscaping, snow removal, masonry, pavement, pest control services, refuse pick up, legal services, consulting services, moving services, A/E Services, etc.

New Contractors, Vendors, Section 3 Business, MBE and WBE Businesses interested in providing services to PCC may do so by submitting a Vendor Registration Form (ask if a link can be created for the document) to our Procurement Department.

Procurement Manager
Gina Vadney 

Office of Planning, Re-Development, and Modernization

The Department of Planning, Re-Development, and Modernization is responsible for the administration of the Housing Authority’s Capital Fund program and other capital grant funds, including the Authority’s short and long term use of the funds, administering the Authority’s Annual Plan and Five Year Plan and directing all major redevelopment efforts. 

The Capital Fund program provides funding for physical improvements for the Authority’s 2000 units of housing located within six major development complexes, as well as over 600 scattered site units, including funding for the planning, environmental review, design and construction work.  Depending upon the size, scope and complexity of each project the Department may issue Request for Proposals (RFPs) or Invitations for Bids (IFBs).  All Capital Funded construction work must comply with Davis Bacon wage rates.  In addition to administering the planning, environmental, design and construction work for the Authority the Department also provides staff services to the Authority’s development instrumentality, Baldwin Holdings, Inc.

Current major redevelopment efforts include the redevelopment of Marina Village Apartments, a 406 residential complex built in 1941, which has outlived its useful life and requires demolition.  The redevelopment will consist of over seven phases of new mixed income residential development on several on and off site parcels of land owned by the housing authority, the city of Bridgeport and private development companies in both the South End and lower East side neighborhoods of the city.  The Housing Authority has partnered with two Co-developers to undertake this 550 million dollar redevelopment effort, which is expected to take several years to complete.

Office of Housing and Community Development
Office of Legal

The Housing Authority’s Legal Department staff is here to assist the Agency in enforcing all rules, regulations, policies and procedures.   The Legal Department works directly with all departments on a case by case basis in attempt to resolve Agency issues with residents or resident complaints against the Agency.

Chief of Legal 
Tracy L. Norris, esq

Office of Human Resources
The HR Department is focused on providing structure within the organization to meet business needs through managing and developing the agencies most valuable resources, which are the employees. We do this through ensuring that the functions of recruitment, safety, employee and labor relations, compensation and benefits, compliance, and training.

Director of Human Resources
Syeatta Bolden 
150 Highland Ave
Bridgeport CT, 06604

All Properties
Scattered Sites I   Scattered Sites II
- (203) 337-8881 [Manager]   Melissa Bryan - (203) 337-8934 [Manager]
Eileen Gordon - (203) 337-8985 [COS]   Pam Wright - (203) 337-8827 [COS]
301 Bostwick Ave, 06605   301 Bostwick Ave, 06605
Fax Number: 203-612-9813   Fax Number: 203-610-6059
Fireside Apartments   Harborview Towers
Vicky Ocasio - (203) 337-8850 [Manager]   Dammone Jones -(203) 337-8893
Maria Rodriguez- (203) 337-8848 [COS]   - (203)_337-8836
75 Stewart Street, 06610   376 E. Washington Ave, 06608
Fax Number: 203-612-9798   Fax Number: 203-337-8810 
Charles F. Greene Homes   P.T. Barnum Apartments
Tami Falcon - (203) 337-8886 [Manager]    – (203) 337-8870 [Manager]
- (203) 337-8889 [COS]   Dee Michelle - (203) 337-8852 [COS]
150 Highland Ave, 06604   96 Bird Street, 06605
 Fax Number: 203-549-0414   Fax Number: 203-446-2253    

  Trumbull Gardens 
  Dion Francis - (203) 337-8803 [Manager]
  Diana Vazquez - (203) 337-8813 [COS]
  505 Trumbull Ave, 06606
  Fax Number: 203-374-4530

Work Order Line for all Properties 
(203) 337-8821