In the Pipeline



Marina Village Redevelopment – Proposed Seven Phase Process

Phase 1 – Broad Street Residences. A state of the art new mixed income development with affordable and market rate housing on the currently vacant 375 Main Street parcel. Walking distance to the beach and to downtown, all units to be built above the flood plain of impervious materials on the ground floor.

Phases 2-4 – former Father Panik Village – HACB to plan, designing and building a new development on 16.5 acres of currently vacant land. This site will be developed into residential, commercial and retail uses that contribute to the growth and revitalization of the area.

Phases 5-8 – Marina Village Redevelopment – new mixed-income, mixed use development with new residential, commercial and retail uses. HACB expects to develop affordable, market rate and home ownership units on this site in addition to the commercial and retail uses.