Work Orders & Information

  • Smoke detectors and GFI outlets must be operational.
  • Wires, especially from cable installations, are potential tripping hazards and should not clutter passageways, or hang low enough to be a potential choking hazard for young children.
  • Furniture or large objects should not block exits and windows. Doors and windows must be operational at all times. In the event of an emergency requiring an evacuation of the premises, all doors and low floor windows may be needed on escape routes.
  • Stoves should be properly connected and not emit a smell of gas. The burners should be cleared of grease and debris.
  • Emergency pull cords, in senior/disabled buildings, should be functional. If maintenance has not tested the equipment in the past 12 months, please contact your maintenance staff to request a test. These cords should not be shortened; they must be a maximum of 18” from the floor.

If any of these conditions exist, please call the work order number:
(203) 337-8821